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Our Latest Episode with Gary Pisano

What's your innovation strategy? What are the systems? And what's the right culture? These three foundational questions may be at the heart of defining your company's future as an innovator. Our conversation with Gary Pisano, Harvard Business School Professor, educator, researcher and author of award-winning articles and six books on innovation and strategy, was thought-provoking on topics that get a lot of attention but not always the right action.


Whether you are building a new strategy for innovation, wondering how to transform your company to become an innovator, or are struggling with tough choices and culture change, this podcast will provide a pragmatic view backed with research and experience. You'll want to hear it more than once!

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Episode 3

We are excited to introduce Jamie Gurley during this episode of the Leader's Agenda podcast series. Jamie has recently joined our Action for Results team as a Senior Leadership and Organizational Transformation Advisor. He has dedicated much of his professional life developing leaders, and facilitating personal, team, and organizational transformations.

Prior to joining Action for Results, Jamie was a senior facilitator and program leader at the Center for Creative Leadership, working with executives and teams across the globe. We are honored to have Jamie join not only this podcast, but take on the role of co-host throughout our Leader’s Agenda series.

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Episode 2

Product delivery practices in med-tech companies are not optimized for delivering the best outcomes and value, according to Gary Chin, VP of Consulting Services for Action for Results. What exactly is value-driven product design and what are actionable steps that product development teams can take to move toward a more patient-centered and value-driven approach?


We invite you to join us in this monthly podcast series mapping out the journey into value-driven product design, and discussing challenges and learning with industry experts and practitioners.


Our Value-Driven Product Design Podcast Series is hosted by Colleen Clark, who has worked in Life Sciences for nearly two decades; focusing on portfolio & program analytics and execution.

Action for Results Episode 1

Episode 1

According to Rosemarie Day, a healthcare systems expert, author, and the CEO of Day Health Strategies,  we are at a crucial crossroads in shaping the US Healthcare system,  and it isn't enough to just wait and see. Rosemarie, an advocate of universal healthcare, is calling for women to take an active lead in creating a future where patients are able to take charge of their own health and can access the care they need.  How do we improve access and outcomes for the patients, while still ensuring sustainability and value for the other players in the healthcare system, including payers, providers, and companies developing medical products and solutions?  According to Rosemarie, the next election will determine how fast and which way the healthcare system will change. Are you ready?

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Episode 0

What does the future of healthcare look like? How should life sciences leaders and med-tech companies reshape themselves and others to meet the new challenges and opportunities?


Action for Results is hosting two new podcast series:

1. The Leaders Agenda: Focusing on trends and opportunities shaping healthcare and the patient experience right now.

2.Value Driven Product Design: Exploring crucial capabilities preparing life sciences companies for the future.


Please join us in an empowering, and inspiring journey of connecting visions and practices for better healthcare outcomes.